Finally! A 2D android paper football game like we all loved to play in the lunch room in grade school. Play against the CPU, a local friend, or players online in an exciting race to 24 points.

- Local play on your device. Play against a friend face-to-face.

- Season mode. Play in a league of 12 teams in a 10 game season to make the playoffs and win the championship. Winning will gain you a champions ball, get all 12 champions balls for the global ball. Season mode includes viewing of schedule, game results, and tracking of "if the season ended today" division and wildcard winners.

- Online play. Play online against players from across the globe for glory. Multiplayer statistics show; wins, losses, points for, points against, and global rank.

- Shop. Get additional balls and backgrounds. These balls and backgrounds will be displayed if you are the home team in season and online mode to intimidate! Coins are gained through playing the game or purchasing/watching ads. You can also purchase the ability to remove ads from the game.

- Feedback. The unique ability to vote on what you consider to be the most important priority for the next major update! This feedback will greatly, if not exclusively, guide the future development of this game. Based on your votes the next major version of the game will either include; enhanced/improved ball physics, more footballs and backgrounds, online season mode, offline/online tournament mode, more robust online statistics.

Minor update schedule:
- The ability to use different google play accounts on the same device.

- Friends list and functionality to host games and invite friends.

- A purchasable item in the shop that allows you to reset your online statistics.

- The ability to enable the global ball (don't worry, I don't anticipate anyone winning it in the immediate future.)

All music and graphics are original assets created by me, with the exception of some of the sound effects in game along with the season team logos. All "borrowed" assets are commercial free licensed assets.