Rainbow Breed

Rainbow Cat games is a project I started with my daughter. She is currently 3 years old, and the idea is to collaborate with her to create educational and entertaining games as she grows and develops. Thus, these games will gradually become more and more mature. If you like the toddler games, no need to fret. They will surely get a reboot once I have another child. :)

There is a reason I chose the name "Dying Breed." I once remember a time in my youth when video games were not just mindless "escapism." They were an outlet to challenge us, a method by which to fire the brain up, not shut it off. The greatest satisfactions in life are those in which we earned. Dying Breed games will be difficult, but to work for and achieve something. Through blood, sweat and tears, through skill gained by repetition and a tad bit of luck. That's true satisfaction in victory...not just piling blocks up or infinite re spawns on easy mode.